Monday, March 3, 2014


So this week was a tough one for my companion and me... Especially for my companion. On monday he started feeling sick, so we walked 45 minutes to a public hospital, but the line was out the door. So he said we could work instead. So we worked! Tuesday and Wednesday were normal hard working days. On Thursday President Reber came to Sinop for our interviews. Since i just got here we had ours in english. That man is awesome. Before his mission, he was a foot doctor so he can help with any foot problem, which was nice because I have a blister under my toes that he told me what to do. Friday we had a zone meeting. I thought it was a zone conference, but my companion said 2 zones need to be in attedance for it to be called a zone conference. But i played piano for Called to Serve. The whole day we were in Sorriso. ohhhh and this week i forgot things. I forgot my ring at a members house early in the week, then i went back on saturdayand got it. Then after the zone meeting (which is 1.5 hours away), we called a taxi to bring us to the bus station... and i left my umbrella in there!! dang it... haha but it will be alright. 

Back to my companion, saturday for lunch we were eating at a members house and he felt sick, so they took us to the hospital. They ended up saying he was stressed. Then Sunday we had church. We were expecting a couple investigators to come, but Sunday it was raining pretty hard, and alot of people of motorcylces here. We were running late because of my comp. and ended up getting to church right at 8 am. I was annoyed cause as a missionary we should be there early. but we got there and the doors were still locked... haha I guess here when it rains, everything just stops and people run late. And our investigators didnt come. But they will come next week! I bore my testimony in portuguese yesterday. I made it short and sweet. haha 

Then we ate a members house and elder machado got sick again so they took us to a primacare type of place. They are going to look at him today. 

Anyways, this week was slow but the Lord is working miracles on the people of Sinop. I love it.

I love you mom.

Ill talk to you guys next week!!
Elder Marstella 

This week i was reading in Alma 40-55 and captain moroni stuck out to me. He is awesome. One line that hit me hard was, ´´his heart did glory in it.´´ Thats how i need to be as a missionary!!

^Mason and the MTC President and his wife

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