Monday, March 31, 2014


week 12

This week was pretty good. We had alot of training exchanges so I learned alot and was forced to speak alot. This week I went with my district leader. He told me at the beginning of the day that he wouldnt speak alot during lessons or while contacting people. That was a little itimidating because thus far ive only taught about probably 20% of the lesson. That day i taught about 80%. It was a lot of broken caveman portuguese, but most people could understand mostly of what i was saying and could get the message i was trying to say. I recited the 1st vision a couple times that day in Portuguese for the 1st time! The spirit was so strong! 
While contacting we ran into a 15 year old girl and taught her about the restoration. Then we came back and taught her about the Book of Mormon. During the 1st lesson we had with her, she told us her dad is a pastor so we were like thinking, we will see how this ends up because if they are under 18, parents have to give approvement to being baptized. On our second lesson when we taught about the book of mormon, i asked if she has recieved a answer to her prayers about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she did and knows our message is true!!  We were so happy for her. Then when we finished the Book of Mormon lesson, she said to us ´´This makes perfect sense.´´ In portuguese of course, but her testimony was already so strong!! Then we went to teach her again and her dad came to the gate. He said she is happy with what she knows and told us not to come back. A couple jovens in the branch know her so its up to them now... Its disappointing, but we have faith God will provide. Maybe she´ll have to wait til she is 18 to get baptized, but the Lord will provide. 
This sunday was testimony meeting again and i bore my testimony again. Everyone told me that can understand me now! woohoo! haha Then last night we went on exchanges with the youth in our ward and one joven, christian is 16. He got baptized about a year ago and is parents didnt. And he is still active and cant wait to serve a mission. And we were actually able to keep a conversation going while walking. When we taught a lesson, i let him bear his testimony alot because he has a huge one.
This saturday we are baptizing a 10 year old kid. He is awesome and from the 1st moment we met we were best friends haha. He reminds me alot of Dillon! There will be pictures of us next week!
We had transfers today, and they are sad! Seeing missionaries you love leave. Another one is coming tonight at 11 so that be a long night. But I love this work!

This week is General Conference! We get to hear from the Prophet of God and his 12 Apostles. What a wonderful opportunity to feel the Spirit so strong.We have General Conference every 6 months. I love General Conference. Go into conference with questions you have. Youll be suprised that what the speakers say seems alot like they are talking straight to you. There are 4 sessions this weekend. 
There is 2 sessions on Saturday and on Sunday. Everyone, EVERYONE should watch. I promise everything it will be worth it. Even if you can only watch a couple minutes, watch it! You can watch it here at:

Here are the conference session times:
Saturday 10am 2pm
Sunday 10am 2 pm

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