Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello Family and friends, i dont have much time to write today because today is transfers and im going to Mato Grosso do Sul. Campo Grande to be exact. President Reber called me yesterday to ask if i accept this calling and i said ´´Ill go where you want me to go President, ill do what you want me to do.´´ Of course I accepted this calling. Itll be a great opportunity to continue growing and becoming a better person. I was also asked to be zone leader for my new zone. I'll be over 20 missionaries. 

My new comp is from São Paulo, Brazil. I dont really know him so we will see how things go! Im excited for this transfer! 

So ive been in Cáceres for a total of about 5 months. My relationship we these members here really have grown. They are like family to me. Its going to be hard to leave them, but its part of the mission. I hope one day after the mission i can come back to this city and visity them once again! 

I looked at the pictures from Poppys funeral. I wish i could of been there, but I know the Lord needs me here right now. Ill have a sacred moment with Poppy after the mission when i can go visit his grave. Ive been thinking alot this week about Poppy and my family. I am so thankful for them and that really seeing their smiling faces helps me be happy too. This week i had some moments when i started thinking about poppy, and i started to tear up. Then the Spirit would come and comfort me and just let me know htat he is happy right now. And he wants us to be happy right now too. I love you all! I am so thankful for all of you :) Alright, thats all i have time for. Ill try to send photos next week! 

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 


week 57

Well, this week was one of the toughest weeks on the mission. This week I had to stay in bed for 2 and a half days with a fever of 102.2 degrees. Then Saturday night, I recieved a phone call from Chase that my Grandfather, has passed away. When I recieved that phone call I became really sad and was kinda depressed. But on of the elders in my district, Elder Neves, came over and started to talk to me. He lost his grandma 2 or 3 weeks ago, so he knows these feelings. He really helped alot. Saturday and Yesterday I was thinking about the Lord´s Plan of Salvation. His plan is perfect. Just in the moment of hardships or death, it seems sad. For us, yes, because we love him it is sad. But its not that kinda sad when you lose someone, its that kinda sad when you say ´´ill see you later´´, but just in that moment when they leave (for example your child going to college) its sad. We will always be thinking about Poppy and the legacy he has left us. Through our Heavenly Father´s Plan, he has given all of us the opportunity to live with our beloved family members again. In Matthew 16:19 Christ gives the keys to the Priesthood to Peter. Whatever he did with this authority, this power of God would be bound on earth and in heaven. But unfortunately this authority was lost in the Great Apostasy. Now, a marriage is only til death do we part. Thats because any marriage that ends here on earth was made with this Priesthood. But through the Prophet Joseph Smith, who recieved this Priesthood from Peter, James, and John, we have this authority and power again here on earth! How wonderful?! Here on earth, a marriage in the Temple isnt just ´til death do we part´, but literally for eternity. We can sealed to our kids. Our Parents. To our Family. I know this is true. I know we have a Loving Heavenly Father who wants all of us to return to him with our families. I know ill see my grandfather again. Our family is forever. Im so thankful that the missionaries so many years ago taught him about this sacred gospel. And im so thankful to be here in Brasil, spreading this same messages with the families we are teaching here. That death isn´t the end. 

I know that Christ died for us, and 3 days later he rose. I have a huge testimony of the Atonement of our Savior. That through His Atonement, we can all be saved and live with him. He did his part, now we need to do our part- Follow the Path He showed. 1) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, 2) Repentance, 3) Baptism, 4) Recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and 5) Endure to the End. 

To my family, I love you all. Have a wonderful time at his funeral and make sure to tell him for me that I love him, and before he knows it, we will all be together again!

I´m so grateful for my family, especially this week. I hope all can become a little closer with their families throught this message. 

Com Amor, 
Elder Marstella 


week 56

My family and friends, I swear weeks on the mission just fly by! You´re just so busy you cant keep the track of time! It´s crazy. haha it feels like I just talked to yall yesterday! 

So this is what happened this week, Tuesday we had a good working day and a family invited us to eat with them. So Tuesday night we were able to go to eat with them on a praca. It was pretty cool to eat out in public with members haha 

My comp bought chlorine so we do the baptism example alot. We have water in a cup. The cup represents our body and the water represents our spirits. As we go along with life, we commit sins. And he pours a little juice powder into the cup. So when we commit sins and dont repent, our spirit stays unclean. But throught baptism, and he pours in the cholorine, our sprit becomes clean again! We love doing this during visits becuase most people are just like ´´wait, how´d you do that?´´ haha 

Ohh Wednesday night we had a FHE at a members house, and Elder and Sister Harris from Cuiabá came and supported our branch here! It was pretty cool. I love the Harris´! 

Friday night the branch put on a Just Dance activity! It was actually really awesome. Us missionaries couldnt dance of course but watching other people have a good time made us have a good time. I forgot to bring my camera, so I didnt take pictures :( 

We have a family that we are teaching that consists of Fatima (the mom), Andreira (20, daughter), and Adrenny (16, daughter). They commited this week that if they recieved an answer they´d be baptized. So now we are helping them recognize an answer.We taught them The Book of Mormon Saturday, so if they read we know they´ll recieve an answer! 

Then on Saturday we made a lot of visits and then a Less-Active invited us over for dinner so that was wonderful. 

One funny experience, Thursday night I started a baptismal interview with Raissa, she is adorable. The other elders told me she was 11, but when i started the interview she said she was 8. And her moms a member so in this case, the branch president would do the interview. When she told me she was 8 i was like ahh this will be awkward, but i was like hold on one second.... I went out and talked to the branch president and he said he would finish it. Raissa was baptized Saturday night and we werent able to attend it! I was sad, but im so happy for her!

Ohh yesterday we were walking to church (45 min) and a lady on a wheelchair ´´elders, take me to church!´´ We´ve never seen her before so we were like ok... she started talking to us and she said she was baptized in another state but passed through Cáceres bc she was traveling. A member drove up next to us and brought all of us to the church. At church she stayed with the relief society and the women there helped her. Then she had to leave early and a man with a car from the elders qourum brought her to the bus station. This experience reminded me of the talk in General Conference when we all come together to help other people. It was an awesome experience.

Thats it for this week. I love yall!! have an awesome week!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella