Monday, June 30, 2014


week 25

So this week was short one. Becuase we had alot of other things going on this week, we didnt get to work much. First we traveled to Cuiaba Tuesday and stayed the night there. Then Wednedsay we had our Zone Meeting. Im in the Cuiaba zone, which is alot bigger than the Sorriso zone. I met alot of really cool missionaries there. 2 people told me that i look like a texan when i told them i was from Texas. haha i took a zone picture but its kinda blury. Then later that night, we returned home and went to a members house for FHE.

Then Thursday and Friday we worked. And we found a really cool family. We taught 7 people during this lesson and they like the restoration lesson alot! A couple of them were just visiting, but the family members that lived there said they would try to go to church. That was our only really exciting lesson in these 2 days.

Then President told us on Saturday, because Brasil was playing, that we couldnt go outside that day. 

Then yesterday was pretty good. Ohhh Saturday and Sunday were sooooooo cold! Some people didnt go to church because alot of them ride bikes and motorcycles and that would of been super cold! Then we went to members house for lunch, then went to another FHE later in the night (i sent a picture). 

This week were are going to work hard and find the elect!

I love yall and i miss yall! Family, have fun at the family reunion and take lots of photos!! Everyone, go Brasil!! And of course, LET´´S GO USA!! 

Até Mais,
Elder Marstella 

Monday, June 23, 2014


week 24

Hello friends and family!! This week I traveled 14 hours to my new area, Cacéres. I met an awesome family my first day here, and luckly they live one street behind us so we visit them often. I included alot of pictures I took with their kids! Oh, and my new companions name is Elder Kay. He is from Manaus Brasil, which is the mission above us. haha He goes home in august!

This week, we met an awesome family from looking in our area book. We stopped at their house and they let us in. We talked with them for a bit, then taught them the importance of being baptized. They really like our message and they said they would go to church Sunday. I liked them alot. It was a mom and a probably 18 year old daughter. 

Oh some weird things about Cacéres, their are random horses and cows that walk around part of the poorer part of the city. We worked in that part my 2nd day here and I was like ´´ that normal here??´´ haha he said it was normal. I'll be honest and say i was a little scared walking by 4 random cows haha. but its all good. 

Sunday was good! Here we only have one branch. Usually elder kay said around 90 people come, but this sunday we had 72. I gave a talk and played the piano there.

Here we have 4 missionaries, 2 elders and 2 sisters.

Sister Zea is from Peru, and Sister Sanabria is from Paraguay. This week was her first week in the mission field. I cant believe it has already been almost 6 months for me since my 1st week. 

I love y'all and go USA in the World Cup!

Elder Marstella


Monday, June 16, 2014


week 23 

This week was really good! First off, the World Cup started on Thursday, and President said that we needed to stay inside our houses when Brasil plays. So Thursday, we worked in the morning, went to lunch, worked for a bit more, and went back home and studied. It was pretty cool though because we could tell when Brasil scored by the screaming in the neighborhood. I sent a picture of me on Brasil´s game day when we stayed inside.

Missionary wise, we met a really awesome family this week a mom, her son (wesly), and the moms sister. We taught them twice, and they committed to church. But then on Friday, the mom said she is going to northeast Brasil for 15 days so that was disappointing. The mom´s sister is new to the area and doesnt know where the church is so shecouldn't  go. 

We are teaching another really cool family also. Irmã Antonio and her husband João. They committed to being baptized in 3 weeks! But they have a problem going to church. We passed by their house yesterday before church, and they said they couldn't go because of one reason or another. 

Story of the week: This week we searched for more Less-active members. So first, here in Brazil some houses have the same addresses for some reason. We went looking for one member, and the address was to this huge house. And we were like this cant be right... but we went and the member didnt live there. a probably 16 year old girl said if we couldnt find the member, we could come back and teach them. And I guess the member moved because we couldnt find the house. So we went back and taught the girl and her probably 20 year old friend. After we started teaching, the mom came in and was saying things like ´´we already know everything, we dont need y'all.´´ Then we explained we are sharing The Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the bible. And she was stunned anddidn't  know what to say. We invited her to sit down and listen to the message, but she went to her room. When we taught the 2 women, the spirit was so strong! One of the girls accepted baptism in 3 weeks! Haha it was so awesome! They could feel the Spirit for sure. 

Anyways, I found out last night that im getting transfered. My new area is called Cáceres. Its a 14 hour bus ride from where i am right now. I leave Sinop in a couple hours. Ahhh im going to miss this city. I love all the people here. They were my first family in brasil! But i know the Lord needs me in Cáceres now. 

This was my week. and I love you mom!


Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

Monday, June 9, 2014


week 22

Hello friends and family, This week was a slow one for sure. So ill start with the 4 young men that we met last week. We taught them everyday, then one day, 3 of them stopped listening to our message. We arent sure what happened, but now we only teach Felipe. When we taught all of the guys together, Felipe made sure his brothers were paying attention and he always read a prayed about our messages. When we taught him by himself he was really discouraged. We invited him to be baptized next Saturday, but I think he is scared because he is all by himself. He said he doesnt think now is the right time to be baptized. We introduced him to some of the young men in the church so they can befriend him. 

So yesterday we went to go to 3 investigators houses to pick them up for church, and they all said they couldn´t go. I was so sad!! Church was pretty good, though. We had 6 less actives, and 2 recent converts. Im trying to think why this week was slow, but I cant remember.

The World Cup starts this week and of course, everyone here is talking about it!! Everyone is getting hyped! haha We arent allowed to watch the Brasil games, so we will just have to listen to our neighbors reaction to know whats going on during the Brasil games. haha Anyways, im doing well. And transfers is next Monday, i think ill be getting transfered. And if I am, im not sure when ill email home. 

Anyways, ive attached some photos of my week!

I love you all and congratulations Taryn for graduating! 

Um Abraço, 
Elder Marstella 





Monday, June 2, 2014


week 21

Hello family and friends!! This week we had a miracle happen! We were contacting wednesday and we found 4 young men at a house. 3 brothers and 1 cousin. They are 14, 17, 19, and 25. They all listened really closely to our message and after the first lesson, they all accepted baptism for the 14th. We have been over there everyday since just talking to them and teaching them. The 17 year old, Felipe, really has grown to love the book of Mormon. One day, Elder Hatch and I were on exchanges and we read 2 Nephi 31 with them. We talked about, faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. The Spirit was so strong and definitly touched my heart. 

They live right by our house, so thats a 40 minute walk to church. We told them we would walk by their house at 7:15 to walk with us. They said that would be fine. So we got up and walked to their house Sunday morning. I expected them to still be getting ready, and probably still in bed. But when we got to their street, they were waiting for us! In the street!! Wow! They are setting a good example to me! And none of them complained either! And they all really loved church so I really do believe they will be baptized next Saturday!! 

So Elder Hatch and I went on exchanges this week again. 2 kinda new americans is always fun. Sometimes we look at each other and just laugh because we didnt understand something, but I love it! He has been in brasil for 3 months and he his accent is so good!! When im with him i just keep saying ´´dont compare´´ haha because he is truly amazing at Portuguese too. With me, I can understand usually almost everything that people say. Not everything, but i think im close. My accent is pretty thick so ill be focusing on that a couple weeks. 

And yesterday we went on exchanges with the young men. Yesterday I went with a 14 year old! The same age as dillon! wow haha. We taught 5 lessons. We went to less actives and recent converts so they could help him out. All went well.

This week was pretty good and we found elects!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella