Monday, June 23, 2014


week 24

Hello friends and family!! This week I traveled 14 hours to my new area, Cacéres. I met an awesome family my first day here, and luckly they live one street behind us so we visit them often. I included alot of pictures I took with their kids! Oh, and my new companions name is Elder Kay. He is from Manaus Brasil, which is the mission above us. haha He goes home in august!

This week, we met an awesome family from looking in our area book. We stopped at their house and they let us in. We talked with them for a bit, then taught them the importance of being baptized. They really like our message and they said they would go to church Sunday. I liked them alot. It was a mom and a probably 18 year old daughter. 

Oh some weird things about Cacéres, their are random horses and cows that walk around part of the poorer part of the city. We worked in that part my 2nd day here and I was like ´´ that normal here??´´ haha he said it was normal. I'll be honest and say i was a little scared walking by 4 random cows haha. but its all good. 

Sunday was good! Here we only have one branch. Usually elder kay said around 90 people come, but this sunday we had 72. I gave a talk and played the piano there.

Here we have 4 missionaries, 2 elders and 2 sisters.

Sister Zea is from Peru, and Sister Sanabria is from Paraguay. This week was her first week in the mission field. I cant believe it has already been almost 6 months for me since my 1st week. 

I love y'all and go USA in the World Cup!

Elder Marstella


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