Monday, June 30, 2014


week 25

So this week was short one. Becuase we had alot of other things going on this week, we didnt get to work much. First we traveled to Cuiaba Tuesday and stayed the night there. Then Wednedsay we had our Zone Meeting. Im in the Cuiaba zone, which is alot bigger than the Sorriso zone. I met alot of really cool missionaries there. 2 people told me that i look like a texan when i told them i was from Texas. haha i took a zone picture but its kinda blury. Then later that night, we returned home and went to a members house for FHE.

Then Thursday and Friday we worked. And we found a really cool family. We taught 7 people during this lesson and they like the restoration lesson alot! A couple of them were just visiting, but the family members that lived there said they would try to go to church. That was our only really exciting lesson in these 2 days.

Then President told us on Saturday, because Brasil was playing, that we couldnt go outside that day. 

Then yesterday was pretty good. Ohhh Saturday and Sunday were sooooooo cold! Some people didnt go to church because alot of them ride bikes and motorcycles and that would of been super cold! Then we went to members house for lunch, then went to another FHE later in the night (i sent a picture). 

This week were are going to work hard and find the elect!

I love yall and i miss yall! Family, have fun at the family reunion and take lots of photos!! Everyone, go Brasil!! And of course, LET´´S GO USA!! 

Até Mais,
Elder Marstella 

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