Monday, June 9, 2014


week 22

Hello friends and family, This week was a slow one for sure. So ill start with the 4 young men that we met last week. We taught them everyday, then one day, 3 of them stopped listening to our message. We arent sure what happened, but now we only teach Felipe. When we taught all of the guys together, Felipe made sure his brothers were paying attention and he always read a prayed about our messages. When we taught him by himself he was really discouraged. We invited him to be baptized next Saturday, but I think he is scared because he is all by himself. He said he doesnt think now is the right time to be baptized. We introduced him to some of the young men in the church so they can befriend him. 

So yesterday we went to go to 3 investigators houses to pick them up for church, and they all said they couldn´t go. I was so sad!! Church was pretty good, though. We had 6 less actives, and 2 recent converts. Im trying to think why this week was slow, but I cant remember.

The World Cup starts this week and of course, everyone here is talking about it!! Everyone is getting hyped! haha We arent allowed to watch the Brasil games, so we will just have to listen to our neighbors reaction to know whats going on during the Brasil games. haha Anyways, im doing well. And transfers is next Monday, i think ill be getting transfered. And if I am, im not sure when ill email home. 

Anyways, ive attached some photos of my week!

I love you all and congratulations Taryn for graduating! 

Um Abraço, 
Elder Marstella 





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  1. Te adoro demais amigo....voce e muito abençoado por DEUS :)