Wednesday, July 9, 2014


week 26

This week was a slow one again, but I have some good news! The members right behind our house, who we love, left for the Temple this week to be sealed together as a family for not just this life, but for the next one too! They were baptized last year and are now able to go!! YAY!! I am so happy for them!

And of course, BRASIL IS STILL IN THE WORLD CUP. Oh man people down here are really hyped! Me included. haha It sucks that the US lost, but I still have Brasil! I know they will win it!!

So this week we focused our work on less-actives. I met some really cool people! I met one family with a 8 year old daughter and I just played with her while my comp was talking with the dad. I tried to pay attention to the dad, but the daughter kept wanting my attention, which was funny, so I just played with her. 

Ohhh, tomorrow is officially my 6th month anniversary here on my mission!! Wow... where has the time gone? Looking back, I would say learning Portuguese is the hardest thing ive ever done haha. And im still working on it. 

Hopefully this time next week we will all be celebrating a Brasil Win in the championship game of the World Cup. Thats all for this week.

I love yall so much and goooooo Brasil!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

Im including some pictures of this week. Last pday we went to the River of Paraguay. it was pretty cool. haha anther photo is of Livinia and me (she is part of the family that left for the temple this week), and 2 kids who are from São Paulo who were visiting Cacéres with their family. And they love Xbox and Call of Duty so i was able to share my passion with them. haha They are awesome and super funny. Thats all for this week!

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