Monday, July 21, 2014


week 28

Hello friends and family! This week was slow because I was sick for more than half the week. I ended up having a 100.1 fever last monday, but i bought some medicine and went down pretty fast. But i had a pretty bad sore throat for a couple days and it was pretty bad. But I pushed myself to do missionary work. 

Right now, my comp and I are focusing on the members and helping them be excited for missionary work. We have usually 4 activities every week that the members can come and have fun and invite their friends. This week, we started our English Class at the church. In our first class on Tuesday, we had about 17 people come. It was awesome! I taught them how to introduce themselves and ask simple questions when meeting someone. Wednesday we have Noite Familiar (Family Home Evening) and almost 20 members came to that too! we hold FHE´s in members houses so it was cool to see 20 people in one house! ! Another activity is Sports night, on Thursdays. Since this is a new activity too, not many people come. But this week, we had almost 20 people come play ping pong, soccer, volleyball, and other stuff. Yay! Then Friday we had English class again! 

Saturday was a birthday of a young woman here in my branch. All 4 missionaries went to her families house saturday and it was a good time!! 

During church, the husband and wife that went to the Temple last week bore their testimonies and I cried when the wife gave hers. I love them!

Thats all for this week. I love yall and next week are transfers so im not sure when ill be on next week. Thank you and God bless.

Com Amor,

Elder Marstella  

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