Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So this week was really good!! The key things that happened, happened yesterday. My companion and I decided to pray for investigators to come to church and for it not to rain. We started Saturday after lunch and ended Sunday after church. We went to church with our faith strong, and guess what. 2 Investigators came. It was awesome. One was emerson, i mentioned his name a couple weeks ago and he is our key investigator. He came to chuch for the 2nd time. After church we talked to him privately and invited him to be baptized this saturday. He said ´´already?´´ We talked to him about how his faith has grown since we met him and told him we think he was ready. He then said he would be baptized this Saturday!! I love bringing people into this gospel... since its my first one it´s really great!!!

Portuguese is coming along... slowly, sometimes discouraging, but its coming along. 

Oh then last night we knocked on a guys door and a 18-19 year old came out. He let us in. After we taught him the Spirit was so strong! He said he has been looking for the right church. He said when he is with his friends and they do bad things, he feels bad and feels something missing. He said when he was with us he felt peace and felt good. We invited him to be baptized later this month and he accepted! Wow! The Lord provides miracles. 

Ill be sending baptismal photos next week!

Oh and after every lunch that we have with a member, my comp and me switch off giving the spiritual thought. Earlier this week i read out of Alma about the Stripling Warriors and i talked about how they listened to their mom´s. and how they obeyed with exactness. Then I told the members how my mom was my role model and how she is who i am today. Everyone should read those chapters in the Book of Mormon! They are great!!

The Lord provides miracles when we have faith. Miracles dont create faith, they build faith.

Ill talk to you guys next week!! 

I love you mom!

Elder Marstella 

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