Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wow wow wow, this week was awesome. Mainly beause We had a baptism on Saturday, it was really spiritual. Its my first of hopefully many! His name is Emerson and he is the best. 

 This week was a lot of exchanges. The Zone leader came one day, then the Assistants to the President visited, the we had an exchange with in in our area. It probably doesnt make sense, so ask a return missionary amount exchanges and they will describe it better. 

Um i had dirrhea 8 times in 2 days, then my companion gave me some pill and i was like i take anything to make it stop. But it worked haha!

Me and my companion had a couple arguments that so things, but other than that, our week was awesome. 

We met a man Saturday. He´s around 45. we clapped at his gate and he came out and before we said anything he told us to come in. we thought he was waiting for us or knew who we were. But he didnt know who we were our purpose, it was an awesome experience. We taught the Restoration, and invited him to come to church yesterday, and guess what... He came!! Woohoo! We had 4 investigators at church. And during sacrament i played the piano. ohh and confirmed Emerson as a official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!

Every lunch is huge in brasil! Anyways to fill you up till breakfast the next day haha.

I love it day here. and i love my mom!!

Com Amor,

Elder Marstella

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