Monday, April 7, 2014


week 13

Wow! What a great conference!! haha well... i think... It was all in Portuguese so i didnt understand much. Haha now during Pday im going to watch it on YouTube every week until i finish. But I still could feel the Spirit and have a small understanding of what the speakers were saying. We ended up having 4 investigators come to conference!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER DILLON!! I think he turns 6 this week. jkjk He turns 14! Happy birthday dillon, love you!

So this week was a long one. Last week we had transfers, and the missionary that came here last week came in at midnight, so we were all tired. Really tired. haha We found a cool bird on our way home so we had some fun times with it until we had to let it go. haha The missionary who just got here is Elder T. Nascimento. He is from Sao Paulo and goes home in June. But he is a hard worker, and a few transfers ago he was assistant to the president. He is awesome and he is really funny haha. 

I didnt understand much, but during the saturday conference I could understand that Pornography is getting worse and worse as technology is improving. Stay away from that stuff!! 

Yesterday we had another baptism. He is 10 years old and is super cool! I love him! 

I hope everybody had a great week and enjoyed conference in english. haha

Love you all, and Love you mom!!

Elder Marstella 

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