Monday, April 28, 2014


week 16

This was really good! First, we had zone conference in Cuiabá! Cuiabá is 10 hours away... Wednesday morning we left at 10 am, picked up the missionaries in our zone in each city where they serve, then finally got to Cuiabá at 9 PM. Then we spent the night there, had conference the next day. Then left that night at 10 PM and arrived back in Sinop at 5:30 Friday morning

Then that day, we did service at a members house for 3 hours. oh and his house was seriously 2.5 hours away walking! so 5 hours walking there and back all together. haha But I love doing service.

Then on Saturday, we started doing missionary work again. So we had another lesson with Herotilde again, and she told us about a dream she had. She said last Sunday night, the night of her first time going to our church, she had a dream about her son who died in a motorcycle accident. She said her son said ´´Mom, I need your help.´´ And she said, ´´Wait, im starting to go to church now.´´ And he was really happy. She said they were all in white, and other people in the room were reading books. After we taught her, I told my comp that im pretty sure she just had a vision about the Celestial Room in the Temple. And her son was talking about baptisms for the dead, and the he accepted the gospel and is waiting for someone to get baptized for him!! Super spiritual and super awesome. Her and her daughter accepted baptism this Weekend so more baptism pictures should be coming! 

Yesterday when we woke up, seriously it was raining like a hurricane. It was intense. And alot of people ride bikes here. And when it rains, usually not alot of investigators come to church. We had one come. And she wants to be baptized, we are just trying to help her stop smoking first!

I love you all so much! Good luck this week!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

  ^ McDonalds in Brazil!!

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