Monday, May 5, 2014


week 17

Oi Friends and family!! This week was pretty good! To start, we had another baptism yesterday! Her name is Ester and she is the grandma of Hyrum, the boy i baptized a couple weeks ago! She has been smoking most of her life, and we taught her about how Christ can help us overcome addictions. After 2 weeks of smoking less and less each day, she stopped!! How wonderful is that? We told her dont stop smoking for you, but stop smoking for Christ. 
Herotilde needed a little more time stopping smoking, so her baptism is this Sunday! When we first started teaching her, she smoked almost 25 cigarettes a day! Saturday, she said she only smoked 2!!! Miracle for sure! Her daughter is going to be baptized too this Sunday! Woohoo!  
This week was fast and testimony meeting in church here. Its pretty cute with a branch becuase usually the same people go up everytime and the youth love to bear their testimonies. I did as well! I like to see my progress every month when i go up there. Sister Grant told me to bear my testimony every fast and testimony meeting on your mission, and thus far, i have! 
Today is transfers! I am staying here, but my trainer is leaving to Sorriso to become the new Zone Leader. So he is my zone leader now so ill talk to him all the time still haha. He was awesome. My new companion is getting here tomorrow at 8 am. He is from Ecuador so im sure ill learn a little spanish while im working with him! 
This week I studied mainly on the life of Christ and one thing that I loved was, Peter asked how many times should we forgive someone, 7? And in my life i know that 7 times is alot! Forgiving over and over again can be hard! But Christ said even unto seventy times seven. wow! Its hard to forgive, but i know that when we forgive, we build humility, a characteristic of Christ, and start looking at ourselves and see how we arent perfect either. 
My portuguese is still getting better, and over these next 6 weeks itll probably get even alot more better because my companion probably doesnt speak english!

I love missionary work and I love this gospel!!
Next week is Dia das Mães so ill be skyping my family and my mom!! Im not sure the exact times, but look for emails saturday and Sunday morning
I love you guys and i love you Mom!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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