Monday, May 19, 2014


Week 19

Hello friends and family! This week was really good!! So Wednesday my companion went to Cuiaba for a couple days for a district leader training. While he was there, Elder Smittenaar and I were companions again! It was good to catch up and see how he is doing. On Wednesday we did service at the Branch Presidents house. I sent a picture of us after. He is getting part of his house redone, so we pretty  much threw out all the trash and stuff. Haha I love doing service!

Then Elder Pacheco returned Friday morning. Then Saturday, I went on exchanges with Elder Hatch. He is another american, from Arizona, and he has been here in Brazil for 4 months. I love him! He is awesome. We can actually relate on pretty much everything, and he speaks ENGLISH! Haha so that was alot of fun. We didn't know everything people were saying and when we didnt we would just look at each other and laugh. But we actually got alot of stuff done. 

Then yesterday, we had a baptism!! I baptized a 8 year old girl. She is so cute!! When we back to go into the fount, she started crying because she was scared. it was adorable. So I got on my knees to get eye level to her and I held her hands. Then the branch President talked to her and calmed her down, then he said at the end ´´Elder Marstella will protect you.´´ I loved it! Everything went well after that. 

This week was really fun and I loved it! Elder Pacheco and I are getting along and no arguments. He is pretty cool! He loves soccer too so we talk about that alot. 

I love all of you at home and i hope you guys have a wonderful week this week! I love yall!!

I love you mom!

Elder Marstella 


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