Monday, May 26, 2014


Week 20

Hello people! This week was pretty good!! No baptisms, but still a pretty good week. So I decided i should take more pictures and send them to you, so this week I tried to send more to yall. Anyways this week, we did service at a members house, 3 hours walking distance. All 4 missionaries here in Sinop went. We were super tired, but we still made it fun. 

This week we focused on Less Actives and Recent converts. At church, we had 10 less active members and recent converts. We didnt have any investigators, but i know this week we will!! 

So Saturday night and Sunday morning it got really cold! And by really cold I mean 60 degrees! haha I thought it was cold enough to wear my sweater to church. Haha I thought I would of never worn that during my mission. Ohh and I got my Elder Hall plaque. Because I never want to forget my Grandma and she told me to make the Hall name well known down here in Brasil before i left for the mission. haha

Yesterday, President and Sister Reber visited the Branches in the north of the mission to have a meeting with the leaders in each branch with their assigned missionaries. They came to Sinop at 6 last night, and he talked about how us missionaries and the leaders of the branch need to unite in missionary work. Here alot of times the leaders give a list to the missionaries and the missionaries take care of it. President Reber wants us working together. Oh President Reber changed the goals for the mission. We used to be really focused on finding new investigators, but now he wants us to focus on less actives and recent converts too.

This week was kinda slow, but i loved it!!!

I love yall!

Elder Marstella 

 here is a pond we walked by on our way to do service. 


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