Monday, May 12, 2014


week 18

Feliz Dia Das Mães! 

So I just talked to my family yesterday, so this email probably wont be as long, but here is what happened this week. We made a goal with Erotilde to stop smoking for 24 hours. And guess what... she did it!! And then she said she hasnt smoked since!! She did it!! And to make it even better, we had her baptism yesterday!! The spirit was so strong!! Ahh, I love it! So before I talked to my family, I baptized her, then I got to talk to my family!! I love them so much!! Its only been 4 months, but I miss them dearly! So my Ecuadorian companion doesnt speak any english, so my portuguese is probably going to get alot better since we have to talk in it all the time haha 
I love helping people become an eternal family so they can experience as much joy as my family! I hope we have another baptism this saturday, Erotildes daughter, but we will see! All is well here and the internet is really slow right now so im not sure if ill be able to send the photo of Erotildes baptism. 

I love it here and brasil! And i loved talking to my family yesterday, i hate saying goodbyes!! But in 7 months ill be able to skype them again! So long away haha.

I love yall so much. Thanks so much for all the emails! 

Elder Marstella 

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