Tuesday, April 15, 2014


week 14

Meu amigos e familia!! Tudo bom? Esta semana estava muito bom! This week we had a couple of miracles happen! Like, real miracles.
1st miracle- We were walking down a street making contacts about 45 minute walk from our house. We were both kinda in a sluggish mood, but we kept on working. Then boom miracle. We were about to go to a different area and a woman saw us walking and called us over. Usually when that happens its to tell us how our religion is horrible, but we both went over there with smiles. She asked us if we were mormon missionaries, and we said yes. Then she said is your purpose to share the word of God. And my companion said, kind of, our purpose is to baptize people into the only true church on earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the same church that Christ established. She then looked at us and said she wants to be baptized. Woo! That doesnt and probably wont happen that much on my mission. We walked with her back to her house, and she told us about her. She said her sister was baptized in our church, but a couple years ago she died. She said she wanted to be baptized since she has died, and she has a friend that wants to be baptized too!! When we finished teaching her the 1st time, my companion and I just looked at each other and knew God brought her to us. He brought us to her. I just keep thinking, what if we did one thing different that day. One thing. We would of missed her. This was a miracle for sure.
2nd Miracle
We are teaching this sweet old lady and we have taught her 3 times already. The 2nd time we taught about the Book of Mormon, and gave her some chapters to read. We came back the 3rd time and she read it!! She asked a couple questions, and i shared my testimony that the Bible bears witness of the Book of Mormon. I shared John 10:16, when Christ says he has other sheep that havent seen him yet. and After his ressurection where did he go? We go to the Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 11, and learn his other sheep were the people in the Americas, The Nephites. The Spirit was so strong, and then she asked when is the baptism?? It was awesome. Then she really opened up to us. She started crying and told us that her 22 year old son died 2 years ago in a motorcycle accident. And every religion has told her that her son is going to hell because he wasnt baptized. Why would a loving God do that? We then told her that he isnt there, he is somewhere much better. And we have a message just for that that we will teach next time, the Plan of Salvation. Every gets a chance to accept this gospel. People who dont get a chance to accept it here on earth because they died early, never lived in an area to listen to missionaries, ect. They have a chance to accept this Gospel in the next life. I know that to be true. And then she said since he has died and religions have told her that her son is going to hell, she has been just hanging out in her house cause she never wants to go out there in the world. I know its a miracle that we found her at her house. Its a tragidy turned into a miracle. What if her son was still alive, she might not of been at her house. But she was at her house. And I know the whole purpose of everything that happened, was so that she could meet us.

Remember, Miracles dont create faith, faith creates miracles.
We had a district conference yesterday. Kinda like a stake conference, but with branches. The branches were Sinop, Boa Esparança, Sorriso A and B, and Lucas. It was really good and i played piano for the choir!
This week was good and we should be having a couple baptisms these up coming weeks! Ill keep yall posted for sure.
And my Portuguese has really improved. well, mostly my accicent, but life is good down here and I love it!
Love you mom!
Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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