Monday, March 30, 2015


week 63 

Hello Family and friends, once again this week flew by. We have a couple ivestigators that are really progressing! One is a boy named grabriel. He is 10 and both him and his gma are interested in the church. This boy is super smart, but crazy too. He just has alot of energy and its hard sometimes to keep him interested in our lessons. haha We have a baptism date with him for this Saturday. His grandma still doesnt have that desire to get baptized, but we have faith that when she sees her grandson enter the waters of baptism that she´ll feel the spirit super strong and that the spirit will testify to her that she needs to get baptized too. 

On Friday I had my last interview with President Reber. He´ll leave in June so it was a good last interview. I told him how grateful i am for the leadership he has shown me and the love he and his wife have given both to me and my family. He really is the best President in the world! 

Oh and yesterday we had conselho da ala and it was awesome. The ward he is super excited to help us out. ohh and saturday we had english class and alot of people came! there were a couple people that came just because they saw the banner outside our church thats say english class, taught by american missionaries. next time ill take a picture!

thats all the time i have today! But i love yall!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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