Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Week 64

This week was another week that passed by super fast! We didnt teach much this week because we helped a bunch with the wheel chair program the church has. We had to help Wednesday and Thursday a bunch then the ceremony was Friday. It was awesome to see all these people so happy seeing that they´ll recieve a free wheel chair. I loved seeing their reactions.  That is what service is all about, making other people happy. 

And it rained so much this week... Like really hard rain haha When it rains really hard we just have to wait until it stops, so it slows down our missionary work. But we are still all excited! 

Saturday and Sunday we watched conference all day. haha we went to the church Saturday at noon, and didnt leave until 10PM after the priesthood session. But on Saturday we baptized Gabriel! This kid is super cool!! One day he´ll be a missionary too! His grandma (who isnt a member) felt the spirit super strong so we will talk with her this week and set a date with her for her baptism!! But the baptismal service was awesome.

General conference was awesome! one missionary said ´´dude, this conference was the best ive ever heard. I dont know if its because it is actually the best one or im paying attention now!´´ hsaha i loved it! Every General Conference is special! paying attention is key! But for sure they are always getting better! I loved President Monsons talk! Its just that his voice and the voice of the portuguese translator arent anything alike... There is so much more meaning in President Monsons voice! 

That was my week! Today is transfers and ill be staying here for at least one more transfer in Coopharadio as Zone Leader!  Thats all i have time for today! I love you guyss!!

Ohhh and Happy birthday to my brother Dillon who will have his birthday April 12th! Love you dillon!!  

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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