Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Week 59

Hello family! 
Ok so this was a long week for sure! I arrived in Campo Grande at 7 am Tuesday morning. A member brought me to our house, and i unpacked a bit, took a shower, and laid down. This week I met some of the members here! The members here are really awesome, just like in every other area. 

We are teaching a couple that the husband is returning to church, and his wife wants to get baptized. Its just that he was married with another wife, they split up but never actually got divorced on paper. So he has to divorce with his ex-wife, then him and his actual wife right now will need to get married. Its kinda a complicated story, but it´ll all work out in the end. 

Ohh this week we taught a pastor from the Assemblia. A church that I dont think exists in the US. he said he wants something new to study, so we taught him the book of mormon and invited him to pray about it. He said he would! So we will see what happens.

So my comp is Elder Albuquerque from São Paulo. He is pretty cool. We live in a house with Elder Friedel (from St. George,Utah) and Elder A. Santos from Fortaleza. We are always in a good mood together! haha 

So my comp and I are the Zone Leaders of Zone Monte Libano here in Campo Grande. We had 18 missionaries (including 4 sisters) in our zone. The Zone Leaders from the south  have a meeting with the assistants and president Reber Tuesday, then we have a zone meeting thursday, then we do exchanges with the assistants Thursday-Saturday

Campo Grande is ´heaven´because its alot cooler (weather and city) than Cuiabá. haha Im loving it so far. Ohh here they have Burger King so we will be going there right now! haha I love you all and ill send pics next week!

ohhh and yesterday we talked with some of the members here to start a schedueled FHE with the youth every Sundaynight. Our vision is to do splits with the youth on sundays and to meet up and do a FHE with a RM telling a cool/spiritual story from their missions. It should be awsome! 

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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