Monday, March 30, 2015


week 61 

Hello my beloved family and friends. This week was a good one! This week I did an exchange with Elder Ellis. Elder Ellis is from Kentucky and went BYU so we had alot in common. We worked a bunch and taught some really good lessons. We have 2 families we are teaching that we have faith that they will be baptized this transfer or next. And we are teaching another family, but only there 17 year old daughter is interessed so far. 

The first family: Adão and Ana. We met them ´´knocking on doors´´. They are an awesome family and in their house they also have a son (19), daughter (16) and a granddaughter (10). They werent able to go to church yesterday and we arent sure why... But we have taught the Restoration and they liked it alot. We also taught the book of Mormon and they really liked that. They live pretty far away, but we are willing to visit them as much as we need to to help them! 

The second family: So yesterday, a non member family came to church! Mom dad grandma and son. They are looking for the true church and remembered an invited a member gave them once to come to church. So yesterday they came and we visited them after church. They all really liked it, including the 9 year old son. haha They felt the spirit really strong and they want to return for sure! They said they just had a feeling to go to church today. They´ve never been to the Church Of Jesus Christ of LDS, but they just had something tell them to go. Theysaid they had no idea what to expect and what church was like,but they went. Ill update yall for sure next week with this wonderful family! 

Jennifer: Jennifer is the 17 year old that is interested. So she has gone to church a bunch with friends but never got baptized. We had really spiritual lesson Saturday night. We were teaching the book of mormon and telling her if the BoM is true, The Churhc of Jesus CHrist of LDS would be true! She said she felt the spirit really strong while reading it and we are helping her recognize that this could be an answer that the BoM really is true. She went to church yesterday and really liked it.

Itstime to go! We are going to do a zone Pday with 2 zones a park here in the city, so it should be lots of fun!!!

I love you Mom! 
I love you baby Raina!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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