Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Week 42 

This week was pretty good!! Elder Payne arrived Monday and he was sick. So we took Tuesday off so he could rest. Then I showed him around the area this week, so this week was kinda slow, but itll pick up. Elder Payne is super cool. He is from Spanish Fork, UT and is already going home in February. I like him alot! He is going to UVU after his mission so he´ll have a chance to see Chase and Taryn. Elder Payne and I get along really well, and he is my first american companion. Haha After 10 months of only speaking Portuguese, its funny to here us try to speak in english. It sounds soooo bad at times. haha but I love him already! 

We have a baptismal date for this Sunday with that woman called Katia. She is really cool and has a really strong testimony. Expect pictures next week! 

Its starting to rain here, and i mean alot. It rained almost all day yesterday so it was hard to do any work.  

Can yall believe that i almost have a year on the mission? Looking back, that time went super fast. I cant believe it. I love you all and I love you mom!! 

Oh ill send a picture of my district next week. We have 3 americans, 2 brazilians, and 1 from Portugual. Its time to go, but i love yall!!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

hey i put photos on my google drive if yall can put those on. 

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