Monday, October 13, 2014


Week 40

Can yall beleive it has already been 40 weeks since ive started my mission?? That sounds absolutely insane! Time has been going by so fast. haha but I am loving the mission. It is truly the best thing I could be doing right now with my life. 

So this week was pretty good!!Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we went to Novo Mutum, a small city 1 hour south of Lucas do Rio Verde. The church still hasnt been able to start there because only one family lives there. But we arrived thereTuesday night and the member picked us up and brought us to his house. He has a wife, 2 boys (3 and 12) and 2 girls (11 and 5). I loved their family and they were so nice to us! We talked with them Tuesday night. President Reber sent me on this trip to find out more information about the city to perhaps start a group there in the near future. Ill send a picture next week. This trip was the most exciting part of my week. We slept there and we read the Book of Mormon there together the next morning before we left. It was truly an awesome experience!

Then when we got back to Lucas, we continued our hard work. This week was found alot of new people. One was Aldir and Noely. One night we taught Noely outside her house and then returned the next day and taught her and her husband. They are an older couple, but are awesome. While we were walking out after the 2nd lesson, one of their friends came in and was crying really hard. Noely explained that she has depression and was really sad. We said a prayer with her before we left. We ended up having a lot of lessons are really planned the next couple days, so we couldnt visit them for 2 days. When we returned she said her husband really liked us and was really sad when we didnt visit them during those 2 days. And she said when we said the prayer with her friend, her friend immideatly felt better and didnt have depression. I know the power of prayer is true! And she said her friend read the pamphlet of the Restauration and felt really really good! I love them! They are elects!

I dont have much time again but i love you all and I know the Lord is with me helping these brasilians now the truth! I love yall. I love you mom!!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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