Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Week 33

Ok, so this week was the busiest week of the mission yet. We had an american recieve his visa, so president changed some things around to fit him in. My comp recieved a phone call Tuesday and the LZ´s said that I would go to Lucas. And i am the District Leader here now. And im training a peruan! I was a little nervous, but this week was pretty good! I traveled all day Wednesday to get here. I got things unpacked wednesday night and thursday morning. We went to work right away.. Lucas is so beautiful! It´s cool to see the difference in cities here in Brasil.
Anyways, my new companion´s name is Elder Chavez, from Peru. He has been here for 3 weeks so i am his ´dad´ on the mission. haha He is my first ´filho´! We dont talk alot, but we work really hard! Yesterday, we worked and set 3 baptisms for  Setember 6th! Here is the story of 2 young men we are teaching.
Saturday we went to an investigators house. His name is Junior. He is 18 and when we started teaching him he didnt seem very interested. After the lesson we invited him to church on Sunday. He said he would go with his cousin, Anderson who is 17. We had a member pick us up and we drove by their house, and they were ready! during church they had some good questions and they really felt the spirit. Later that yesterday night we walked by their house. We talked with them for abit, then started a lesson. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on baptism. I tried to help them realize why they felt so much peace and happiness at church. After the lesson, i was focusing on Anderson and asked if he would prepare to be baptized on setember 6th, and Junior, who was sitting next to him said ´´I will.´´ The Spirit was strong! And they both are preparing to be baptized on Setember 6th. They are awesome!!
So in this district we had 4 sisters and my comp and me. 2 Sisters left this week. One for BYU, and the other was transfered out because of an emergency transfer. So now there is only 4 of us. But I love it here in Lucas and all the members here are excited!
I love you mom!
Com Amor,
Elder Marstella
PS while i was on the bus going to Lucas, a truck driver drove off a bridge and i tried to take a picture of it. it wasnt a good picture but it was all i got haha.

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