Monday, September 8, 2014


Week 34

Mom!! First off, I´m sorry that I just stopped emailing you on Monday. The internet here stopped and we had to leave to catch a bus to Cuiaba. So today we are just emailing really quick to our families. Last week was a super good week!
Last Monday night, we taught a family and read the Book of Mormon together. We had already taught them 2 times before, so they knew about Joseph Smith. During this lesson we read Alma 32 together. When we finished, the wife was almost crying because the spirit was so strong. It was seriously the best feeling ever. Then 2 days later they said they didnt want our visits anymore. The wife said she knew our messages are true, but they dont want to change religions right now... I seriously almost started crying! It was super sad. THey were the first family that i could actually talk to and listen to their problems and help them. I seriously loved them! It´s said to see them feel the spirit super strong and then not want to feel those feelings again. But the lesson after that on that night, we set a date with a guy to be baptized this Saturday. And he will be baptized this Saturday! His name is Valdir. He is super cool. He is 24 and did some pretty dumb stuff when he was younger, but he has changed alot and said God gave him this opportunity to change. He really is super awesome.
 Sunday, a recent convert brought his neighbor with him to church. And after church he said he wanted to come to this church every Sunday and be baptized because he feels a different feeling here in our church. His name is Dallas! Haha I know thats a sign from God that he is an elect! haha
At church, we asked some of the young men if they could help us and do exchanges to teach more people with members. I expected only 2 to come, but 6 came! haha it was awesome! The young men here love the elders and are so willing to help us! I love it.
Ohhh so my new city is called Lucas do Rio Verde. It is a super modernized city. Its super nice. And the ward here is about 110 active members, which is a ton for this part of Brasil! I love it here! And im training a Peruan! Haha Life here is good! All write about Cuiaba (monday and tuesday) on next week´s letter! I love you all!
Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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