Monday, September 29, 2014


week 37

This week was pretty good!! We recieved 2 new Sisters on Tuesday.They are both Brasilian and they both are super cool. This week, we worked super hard. We have 5 people with a date for baptism. 2 young men, and a family of a mom, 19 year old son, and 18 year old daughter. We tried to visit the young men everyday. They agreed to be baptized on Saturday, so expect photos next email!! 

Saturday, we held a FHE for our investigators and one came. But we held the FHE at a family´s house and it was super good. Anderson, one young man came. He is 17. Then he went to church the next day and met some really cool young men and women. He and his cousin agreed to be baptized this weekend!! 

I dont have much time today, sorry! but i finally got my birthday box!! After a month of waiting, the box finally made it to my city from cuiaba! haha anyways, i love yall!! And i heard BYU is 3-0! keep it up!!
Love you mom!

Elder Marstella  

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