Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Week 68

Hello my beloved family and friends! I cant beleive that its almost Mothers day already!! It feels like yesterday i talked with my family, and now im doing it again!! I love my family so so much!! 

Anyways, my week was pretty good! There is a young man in our ward thats 19 and he has recieved his mission call to the  São Paolo Interlagos mission. His name is joão and we are trying to help him prepare for his mission! He is super cool and we love him!! 

We are teaching two 18 year olds so João helps a bunch. We are teaching Carlos and Lucas. We were able to teach Carlos a couple times this week with João. Lucas didnt come to church yesterday but we´ll teach him again this week with Joao to help him go to church  Sunday. Carlos´ nickname is gordo, which means fatty. hahahah he is super skinny so its super funny! haha we taught his sister and her friend as well, so we well focus on them this week! 

We also taught George Terra with Joao. We taught the Restoration and George Terra said, ´´I wanna pray in a place more reverent, just like Joseph Smith did. When im ready, im going to go into the forest, kneel, and ask God if this church is true.´´ He was serious as well. Ive never heard of that response, but i loved it! haha 

This week i did an exchange with Elder Garcia from Ecuador. He is a good friend of mine, so we had alot fun but we worked hard as well. 

ohh and this week  we had a Less Active family make us dinner Tuesday night. It was super good and we are so grateful for them! 

We invited Carlos to be baptized this Sunday, so we will see what happens!

To all the mothers in the world, i wish you a happy mothers day. The calling ´mother´ is the most important title somebody could have. Mothers have the biggest  influence on their kids lives. and in my life i know thats true! Im so thankful for my family and am so eternally thankful for my mother! Happy Mothers day mom!! Eu te amo!

Com Amor,
Elder marstella

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