Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Week 67

Hello family and Friends... this is another week that flew by!! I´ll start with yesterday... Yesterday Elder And Sister Clayton from the Presidency of the 70, and Elder And Sister Mazzagardi from the 2nd Qourum of the Seventy visited the Stakes here in Campo Grande. Zonas Campo Grande and Monte Libano. The members here loved it and there were a bunch of people there! I think every room in the church was used to watch because there werent any more seats in the chapel! Elder Mazzagardi talked  about how we need to keep the Sabbath Day holy. he said we should do geneology work on Sunday as families and talk about what you learned at church. Sister Clayton talked about how we need to use Technology for good, not for bad. She talked about Super food, Regular meals, and junk food. She said Super food are the food that make us strong, and in this case the sites that make our spirits strong. She talked about how there are a lot of things new things on the church websites made for kids, teenagers, and adults. The regular meals are things like email and communication tools, and we all know what junk food would be. Then Elder Clayton talked about the growth here in Brasil. He said that it has been growing really fast here in Brasil, but its nothing to what it will be here in the future. He said the members here are making the foundatino for the future. He said here in brasil the church still is a small church, not everyone knows about it. But he said, the growth we have know is nothing like what the growth will be like here in the future. He said the Church will be one of the biggest churches in Brasil in the future! Then he talked about the sabbath day as well. He says we dont need a big long list of things to tell us what we can and cannot do on the Sabbath day. He said, just ask on question to yourself ´´If i do this on the Sabbath Day, is this the sign i want to show God of my respect for him?´´ Then he said Show God that you love him. 

So we have a couple progressing investigators. An 18 year old brought 2 friends to church last week and they really liked it. We visited them on Friday and taught about the Book of Mormon. After one asked, ´´So how can i be baptized?´´ That was the perfect question! haha so we will mark a baptismal date this week with him for sure!! 

Roger and Jackoline. So we held a FHE at Bishop´s house with Roger. We taught about the Restoration and how families can be together forever. His wife wasnt able to make it, but it was awesome that Roger came! He says he feels really good at church and that he beleives thats an answer that the church is true. He says he needs to talk to his wife becuase he wife is the boss. haha i loved that.

George Terra. We visited him this week again and he says he knows the Book of Mormon is true. We invited him to pray to ask God, but he said ´´I already know its true!´´ haha so we invited his daughter and his wife to start reading it as well, then ask God if it is true. We will try to mark a baptismal date with this family as weel this week!! 

Thats all the time i have for this week! Time is truly flying! I love yall!

I love you mom!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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