Tuesday, May 12, 2015


week 69 

HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!!!!! The best part of the week was yesterday for sure! I loved talking with my family once again... it´s crazy to think that that was my last time to talk with my family on Skype... Because i should be coming home before christmas!! Time flies when you are doing the Lord´s work. But i am so thankful for my mom and my family. I love them so so much. I can´t wait to come home and hug each one of them, but for now i need to focus on the people here. haha I love the people here too. As you teach and help people they become family to you, so i am so thankful for all of my family here in the Brazil Cuiabá mission. I dont have much time to write today and i said about everything i could yesterday with my family, so there isnt much to write. 

We got transfers yesterday. My comp Elder Albuquerque is getting transfered tonight and my new comp Elder Costa will come tomorrow morning

I love you mom!! Feliz Dia das Mães!!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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