Thursday, May 21, 2015


week 70 

So this first week of transfers was pretty good! My companions name is  Elder Costa. Like almost every other companion of mine, he is from São Paulo. He is super cool and he has  1 year and 2 months on the mission. He is super excited and we will have alot of success together! 

One of the best things about this week was English Class. During this class the students asked about why  im here on the mission. and  what we beleive.  So i was able to teach  t he restoration lesson only in english for the first time on my mission... There was a man named  Jair who is about 40 i think.  He said that im helping him find God. He said that he is really reall ythankful for the opportunity to meet me. I am so grateful  for him! He is awesome. I invited him to church, and guess what, he came!!   There we 2 english students that went to English class saturday, i invited them to go to churhc yesterday, and 2 came!! and they reall y really liked it too! I was so happy to see them there!! So jair will go to THe US i think in july but maybe not until  Dezember. But he is a really really cool man. I like him alot. 

This week we also made a goal to teach  a bunch of lessons with members  to help us. ANd we were able to teach  12 lessons  with members this week.  and the results of these member lessons will be s een  thes e next couple weeks. 
So in our zone we have 9 Elders and Sisters that were or are currently AP, ZL, SLT (sister leader  t reinar) . So we hav e alot  of   experience and we know we  can do alot this t ransfer. We are going to set our goals high and use faith, fast, and  the members to help us reach this goal! 

And in my house its us 2, Elder Yezzi   and Elder S. ROcha. Me and 3 brazilians again. haha im starting to tell  people im from Santa Catorina. ... one state from brazil that the people there are the mostly looking like am ericans. haha some people believe me some dont. haha but all is well here!

  Oh and we might baptize a 8 year old girl this  week. 

I love you mom!

Te  amo!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella   

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