Monday, January 5, 2015


Week 52

Alright guys, Thursday will be my 1 year anniversary on the mission!! Can yall believe that?? Because i cant!! Time is passing by super fast!!

So this past week we had Ano Novo.  We went to a members house and just hung out that night. It wasn't anything too exciting, but it was nice to relax for a bit. It was weird watching the New Years eve show here in brazil because its pretty much like the US version, just they are in São Paulo. Hahah but ill be honest and say the U.S. version is still alot better. hahah

Then New Years day, Presidente made that another P-day because here in Brasil everyone drinks New Years eve and New Years day. So us 4 elders went to the church and played ping pong and made our own song on the piano. It was actually pretty legit. I created the music on the piano and the other 2 Brasilians made the lyrics and sang. Its called ´´15 dias´´ which means 15 days. It goes through the feelings of a missionary 15 days before he goes to the field, and then 15 days until he goes home. It was awesome.

Then Friday and Saturday, I did exchanges with my Zone Leader Elder Yezzi. He is super sweet and I like him alot, he taught me alot. On Saturday, we ate lunch at a members house, walked 75 min to a lesson, he interviewed our candidate for baptism and she passed!, and then walked another 75 min back to the house and he already had to go to the bus station at that time to go back to Cuiabá. So saturday was a bunch of walking. haha Then Saturday night the other companionship had a baptism and we went there to support them! Then after, me and my comp got ice cream with a member and her 2 daughters. I called the member Mom when we were talking and everyone laughed. haha I love that family. Her daughters are like sisters to me so if i get transferred next Monday I'll miss them for sure!

So we will see what happens with me on Sunday. If i go or if i stay! Transfer week is always nervracking! haha

I love you all and we should have a baptism Sunday!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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