Monday, January 12, 2015


Ok, so this week was an eventful one... Thursday was my 1 year mark on the mission! I´ve officially been out for a year! As well, that same day I broke my hand playing soccer with the young men here... I was playing goalie, and the ball was shot to me, so i got on the ground to get it. And a young man here still tried to kick it for some reason and he kicked my hand instead... at first I thought he only bruised it, but then it swelled up. We went to the hospital the next day, and they said i didnt surgery, so I only have to wear a cast for 3 weeks. Ohh and it was my left hand again, the same hand i broke 2 years ago... but its all good.

So the guy that kicked me was actually an investigator of the other elders here. And on Saturday I interviewed him for baptism. When we talked about repentance I rose my broked hand to mess around. haha we bothed laughed and he apologized. That night he was baptized!

Ohhh we got our transfer calls last night. Elder Johansson is going to Cuiabá and my new comp is Elder Freire. His last area is so far away that he´ll get here tomorrow. I dont know him but im excited for another new transfer! 

Josiane is still the same way. She wants to be baptized and we have taught everything, its just that her dad wont give her permission... We are going to pray and fast a ton for her!

Thats all the time i have today, I love yall and ill talk to yall next week!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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