Monday, December 15, 2014


Week 47

Sooo we got our transfer calls last night. and im going to Cáceres, again! I served there for 9 weeks before i came to Lucas, so I still know alot of the members there! Im excited to go back, but im sad to leave Lucas! Lucas was awesome and it was an honor to serve here. The members here are absolutely awesome and I love them! 

I leave 3:30 and take a bus to Cuiaba, then at midnight, i take a bus to caceres. So itll be a long bus ride for sure haha.

Anyways, this week we taught a family that the sisters met on the street. This family wanted the sisters to visit them, but its in our area, so we did a compromise, 2 sisters and us 2 elders went to go teach them together. This family consists of a wife, husband, a daughter, and a nephew. They are super accepting and wanted to go to church. We taught about the restoration and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both of those lessons the sisters came to help out. I wont be here to find out what happens with them, but i hope they all get baptized!

And this week we asked the sisters to visit katia with us. They did and we all talked with Katia about making the covenant of being baptized. She is still a little unsure of it, but i hope she gets baptized soon! Im sad i wont be here for when that happens! 

Ohh we went to a less actives house this week and we made a little band. haha the member plays bass, Elder Payne played guitar, and i sang. haha it was actually pretty cool and i wish i would of filmed it, but we didnt. haha 

I dont have much time this week because of transfers, but I love yall and I love you mom! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving week!!

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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