Monday, December 15, 2014


Week 46

Hello friends and family! This week was another slower week, but we visited alot of Less Actives and Recent Converts.
One of our Recent Converts name is Anderson. He is 17 and he was baptized in Setember. He is really cool! These past Sundays his family went fishing and he went with them. We focused on him this week to go to church yesterday, and he went!! And he even picked us up in his brothers car! It was awesome! He really is an amazing guy and we are trying to help him have a desire to serve a mission in a year! We love him! I gave him a tie and my last comp gave him a white shirt so now he looks the priests here! Ahh he is awesome!!  haha
On Thursday, we had a BBQ with another Less Active. His name is Rafael and he is super sweet. He is 28 and has been a member all his life. He now works on Sundays, so we are just trying to help him keep the gospel as the number thing in his life. We try to visit him a couple times a week just to talk and ask if he needs help with anything.
Im running out of time again, but I love yall and in one month ill be able to skype home!! Im sooooo excited!!!
Com Amor,
Elder Marstella
Next Monday is Transfers so depending on what happens, im not sure when ill get on!

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