Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Oi familia e amigos!! Tudo bom? This week had its ups and downs, but I love it here!! So just so everyone knows, I will be flying to Cuiaba this Tuesday morning!! It's crazy how fast time has gone being here. I'm so excited to go out into the field and help real people!! I love this gospel so much!!!
We will do the downs first. Last week one of the sisters stole an elders water bottle as a joke after lunch and he couldnt find it. He got super mad and talked to all security and stuff like that. So when we saw him get mad we put it back when he was out of the room and then the security of the President of the CTM came and talked to us about not playing pranks. Ohh and the elder that got mad is always playing jokes and then the  one time we do that to him he freaks out. We were just like, seriously?? but that's past us now haha. And then a couple nights ago one of the elders in my district punched another elder in my district. I talked to both of them and told the zone leader and the President of the branch. but other than those 2 incidents, this week was all good!! haha
My district volunteered to sing a song for the devotional last Sunday, so last week we practiced a couple times then we performed it!! There was 3 elders and 4 sisters. We sang the song ``He sent his Son´´. its in the childrens hymn book. We sang it in Portuguese, and then we sang it in english. I think we did really well!! The devotional on Sunday was by President and Sister Swensen. They are both amazing people! But I forgot what they spoke about and i dont have my journal with me. haha
Then we had a devotional last night. Elder and Sister Jafek spoke. They are the ´´medical team´´. Elder Jafek is the CTM doctor and Sister Jafek is always helping haha. They are adorable. They talked about forgiving others and when we dont forgive we dont have the full love of christ. They both had really good talks!
This week in our district we are starting to do spotlights since its our last full week here. Each night, a member bares their testimony and we all go around and say something that we like about them. And we all write letters too. Ahhh I love my district!!
Next week I'll be writing from Cuiaba!! Thats so exciting!! so every time I email I forget what happened that week. so I don't write all the things that happened. but I do write in my journal everynight so in 2 years y'all can know everything haha. Well time is almost up. I Love y'all!!! See ya next week!!
Love you mom.
Com Amor,
Elder Marstella

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