Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Looks like Mason will be emailing on Wednesdays! 

Here is Elder Marstella's email from this morning!

So this week has been crazy to say the least. Starting with the plane rides over to Brazil. From Dallas to Miami i sat in the middle of the 3 seat side. I was like come one!! I landed in Miami and was able to call my mom to tell her i landed safely. Then from Miami i was just hoping not to sit in the exact middle. and guess what... I sat in the middle of the middle row. I was in between 2 Brazilians on each side. And none of the spoke English so that definitely was hard haha. The plane ride was about 8 hours. It was the toughest thing ever. lol well anyways i landed and went through customs and got my bags and met up with some other missionaries, then we drove to the CTM.
So this week has seemed like its been a month. Not even kidding. Every day we have to be doing something. And its either learning Portuguese, eating, or sleeping. But our teacher keeps saying dos das linguas. Which means 'gift of tounges'. I can definitely tell the lord is working that on me. I have been here a week and I can bare my testimony in Portuguese and also say my prayer in Portuguese. Its awesome but there is a lot of things still to learn.
So in my district, there is Sister Forsyth, Sister Stout, Sister Craig, Elder Gardner, Elder Coombs, Elder Smittennaar (my companion), and me. and guess what, on Sunday I was called to the district Leader!! Woohoo haha its been such a long weeek. So my companion is from Maryland and is 18.  So its been fun here. Ohh and in my room there are 6 of us, we have 2 more Brazilian roommates. One of them speaks English, and the other one we are teaching English. They are seriously the best. Elder Assis helps us a lot in Portuguese. The first couple days were the hardest. I have to admit i was a little homesick and i missed my mom. But the next couple days when i lost myself in the work, I wasn't homesick anymore. After the 2nd day we weren't allowed to talk in English anymore so that was tough. But it helps us think in Portuguese. Well my time is running down, so i love all of you!! Y'all are amazing. I miss y'all but I'd rather be here serving the Lord. Brazil is awesome and i cant wait to here from y'all next week!! Thank you! Tchau!
Elder Marstella 

***Remember, Mason is only able to email once a week, and isn't able to make ANY phone calls. So letters and emails are very important to him, since it is his only connection to home. So, if you have spare time, send him an email or letter! The addresses are off to the right of this post! :)

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