Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Week 44

Hello family and friends!! This week was a pretty good one! And again, I love Elder Payne. He is super funny and we get along pretty well. And he speaks Portuguese like a native Brazilian, so he is helping we a bunch. anddddd This week I officially hit my 10 month mark on the mission!! I cant beleive Ive been out for that long already... Time is just moving super fast!! And I forgot to say, congratulations to my older sister! She found out that she will be having a baby girl!!! Yay!!! 

This week we focused on Less Actives. We taught some really good lessons but nothing too too exciting. I think the best part of week was on Friday. President came Friday to do interviews with us. I love President and Sister Reber. They are awesome. I got to talk with President, then we had English class. We planned to teach the song Over the Rainbow in english, but we had technical dificulties haha. So we ended up teaching a simple primary song which was awesome haha. Then after that, an investigator picked us up and we went to her house and ate cake with her and her husband for her birthday!! It was super cool! and super good! hahah 

We visited Katia almost everyday this week to help her towards baptism. She ended up traveling yesterday so she couldnt make it to church. But on Friday night, we went to her house to eat cake with her, because saturday was her birthday. Before we starting eating, she started saying thank you to us and how she is going to tell all her friends that she was eating cake with 2 americans. haha and we just started laughing. hahah Ohh and we were talking to her and she called herself a Mormon! haha i love that, especially because she hasnt been baptized yet. haha but she will for sure!! 

Thats all the time i have right now, but i love yall sooo so very much! 

Com Amor,
Elder Marstella 

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